The saying goes, "The same day you plant the seed is not the same day you eat the fruit." For the longest time, the creator of this brand wanted to create a brand that exemplified faith and believing in yourself no matter what opposition you face. A brand built on a community of believers and fashion-forward thinkers. Giving back to God, her Queendom, and community is how the House Of Destinē was developed. It was the transformational 3Dee experience that birthed the brand as it is known today. 

Your purpose is a miracle. Your destiny is a miracle. What you have been called to do on the earth requires an immense amount of faith!




Mission Statement

House Of Destinē is a contemporary footwear and lifestyle brand that serves its community at a comfortable luxury. House of Destinē's mission is to encourage and empower individuals to walk in their purpose by Faith, not by sight. Styling every look From Sole To Crown with Divinity, Design, and Destiny in mind.

Our Community

Are you a model, an athlete, or a shoe enthusiast that struggles to find her shoe size in popular shoe styles? If so, we are the brand for you. We cater to the fashion-forward women with grandeur shoes to fill.

We offer shoe sizes from US 5 to US 13 and women's apparel from US XS - 3XL. 

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